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Problem #1

Carrying others’ cross.
Business Leaders often carry the emotional burdens of the people they lead and serve.

Problem #2

No off button.
A team can expect omnipresent availability from their leader. A need for help feels like a call to action for most Business Leaders

Problem #3

In the desert, alone.
Many Leaders are around other people all the time, but inside their skin there is a feeling of isolation

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Michele has been a powerful agent of change in my life. She has given me insightful guidance, new ways of living in relationships, leadership courage and a personal appreciation of God's grace in my life. Michele is a skilled, wise seasoned coach.

• Andrew Field | Pastor Redeemer West Side

About Your Coach

Dr. Michele Fleming maintains a private practice providing leadership development and executive coaching to a variety of clients, including entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, family-owned businesses, C-suite executives, emerging leaders, pastors, and those in professional ministry. Her approach is designed through the lens of Christian faith and focuses on both professional and personal relationships as a pathway to improve effectiveness and to maximize leadership performance.

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